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Dogs Talk!

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I really dont get why people say dogs dont talk because all of the dog experts say "oh yeah,thats his way of talking" or "he is talking when he barks"! Dogs talk and when you say that,people always say dogs cant talk! THEY CAN!


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GSD's are known for being very vocal. Mine have always 'talked' to me extensively, especially my females. One of my past female GSD's would run and jump into my arms and "tell me all about it" whenever her feelings got hurt by one of the boys. (she was such a drama queen! lol) My current GSD female is the most vocal I have ever heard. I guess she's just a chatty female. :p
My other breeds have never been much for 'talking' though. My Golden/BC just gives me the 'look' when communicating with me. My ACD gets all smiley and hands (paws) on when she wants to communicate. My others I guess are the strong silent types. Absolutely no talking there. :rolleyes:

and the pound puppy crew.
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