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Dogs saves marriage

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Morning All,
I feel I need to share our experience with dogs.

We have 2 children my son immigrated to the UK and my daughter were killed in a car accident a week after she turned 21.
We had 3 dogs at the time, losing a child is a big shock and we went through many challenges we drifted apart to the extent that we dreaded coming home from work because we would only fight and if I say fight believe me hard a good go at each other, most of my time in my workshop. June started flower arrangement but the void stays there,
One day I noticed she was investigating an NPO that save unwanted dogs mainly Daxie., and she joined them and the dos started arriving now we fostering dogs.
They came and went and every new dog came with its own problems but they never judged us the way we treated each other all they wanted was love and give love.
And slowly started talking to each other we had abandoned dogs, ill-treated dogs from breeders, and they needed special treatment we have dogs that have got back problems and can not walk and they needed special attention as the cant urinate and have to be expressed, they will never leave us because they are too special.
At this time we started talking to each other and today I could not have wished for a better marriage and because of the dogs that accepted us with all our problems. and all they did were giving us love and healed us. We are married for 43 years and all I can say thank you to God for dogs.
At the moment we have 11 dogs and we level them.
Forgive me if some of it is not making sense but the main thought is dogs saved us
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