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Dogs roaming in neighborhood,is my dog attracting them?

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I usally don't see loose dogs in my neighborhood.Twice this week I have seen two dogs roaming around.I believe these dogs were male,my dog is a female.I guess it's time to get my dog spayed,even tho I haven't seen her in heat.I've had males ever since I lived here.Do you think that my dog attarcts them here? She's only 4 1/2 months old.She may be big enough,but she's not old enough to send out any signals,at least I think.
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Please, until you get her spayed, do the responsible thing and do NOT leave her in your yard unattended. She should be allowed out only if she is on leash with you. You said you plan to have her spayed "in a couple weeks". Do you have an appointment? If not, make one as you don't know for sure the vet can get her in in two weeks.
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