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dogs refusing to go outside

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Hi, first im sooo happy to have found this forum. lots of good information here.

anyways I have 2 puppies, they are about 6 months old or so. They are brother and sister coonhound/austrailian sheperd mix. I am having a heck of a time getting them to go to the bathroom outside. The girl pees outside but does it again inside. the boy refuses to do anything outside. I will actually walk them outside for a good 20-30 minutes and they will wait to come back inside to pee and poop. i have tried spanking them. i have tried putting their face in it to smell then back outside. i have tried taking them outside then face in it then outside over and over about 4 times. I cannot think of anything else. My wife is about tired of it and as much as we love them we cannot stand it anymore and if we cant fix this they will have to go.

PLEASE help.
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im sorry that you think that I am only being negative. I actually do praise Bella when she pees outside. I go to her and pet her and such. I also do the same to Tucker (yes same name heh) even when she does it so maybe he would get the point too, this could be wrong i dont know.

they are always around us as it is a small amartment area that is open so they cant just go around.

these are my 2nd and 3rd dogs. the first dog did not have any problems that i can remember after a couple months and has always gone to the door when he had to go.
yea but when they are outside all they do is sniff then they eventually lay down or just stand there. Like 20 minutes ago Bella started peeing so i said no and picked her up and took her outside. she just scampered around and did nothing more.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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