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dogs refusing to go outside

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Hi, first im sooo happy to have found this forum. lots of good information here.

anyways I have 2 puppies, they are about 6 months old or so. They are brother and sister coonhound/austrailian sheperd mix. I am having a heck of a time getting them to go to the bathroom outside. The girl pees outside but does it again inside. the boy refuses to do anything outside. I will actually walk them outside for a good 20-30 minutes and they will wait to come back inside to pee and poop. i have tried spanking them. i have tried putting their face in it to smell then back outside. i have tried taking them outside then face in it then outside over and over about 4 times. I cannot think of anything else. My wife is about tired of it and as much as we love them we cannot stand it anymore and if we cant fix this they will have to go.

PLEASE help.
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I didn't see one positive thing you did to encourage them to go outside. I didn't see one thing you did that actually teaches them that outside is the place to go. I didn't see one thing you did that shows them you are guiding them through life and are teaching them to live in the human world. All I saw were punishments, none of which told them anything. I strongly suspect the only thing you have taught them is not to potty in front of humans.

There must be 1,000 places on the internet that teaches people how to potty train puppies. Here are some tips.

1. Never let them out of your sight while they are inside. The INSTANT they start to potty inside interrupt them with a CALM voice, say, "no, no, not in here, lets go outside." At the same time pick them up and carry them outside to finish what they just started. When they do something outside, praise and treat them profusely.

2. If you didn't see them potty inside, you can do nothing. You missed a teaching opportunity. You must catch them in the act in order to teach them anything. Rub your own nose in it for missing the opportunity. It's not their fault if you missed it.

3. Anytime you can't watch them, put them in their crate. Their crate should be just large enough for them to turn around in and stretch out. They will not potty in a crate that is this size. They will sleep in the crate and will be crated when left home alone. All other times you should be watching them 100% of the time in order to teach them the proper place to potty.

4. Understand that in their eyes, pee and poop are not gross nasty things like humans think. Many dogs eat poop regularly. Other dogs will roll in poop of wild animals when they get the opportunity.
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Yes, your original post sounded like you were 100% negative in this situation. I wouldn't pet Tucker when he does not eliminate. Using praise and a treat is how you will convey to him that he did what was expected. If he gets praised every time whether he potties or not, how will he know the difference?

Since they are always around you, interrupt them when they squat or as someone else said, when they start sniffing around and take them outside. Take only the one doing the squatting or sniffing. I would still crate them when you are asleep or when no humans are at home. Everytime they potty inside, it is a reward to them and as long as they get rewarded the behavior will never stop.
Be patient. You might have to stay out an hour in the beginning until they do it once or twice and get praised for it. Also, remember that in the dog's mind, the proper place to potty is inside. It will take a little time to change that mindset. Try to take her to a place other dogs have pottied so she can smell it. Also, remember they have had some bad experiences pottying in front of you. They will have to get over that also. It's gonna take time. It will happen if you stay with it.
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