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Dog's peeing in their crates !!

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Hello everyone !
I have joined this site to get some advice on my dogs. I own two male pitbulls. First is Rocko almost 2 years old. Second is Ruger who is just about 7 months old. BOTH dogs pee in their crates every single night. They arent in there too long, as soon as they wake up in the morning they wake me to go outside right away where they pee as soon as the get out. They go out to the bathroom just before bed as well. They dont whine during the night or anything to alarm me that they may need outside they just end up peeing in their crates at some point during the night. I clean the crates very well, wash the blankets & any toys they may have had in there at the time as well. Both of their crates are at the right size for them, so they cannot pee and move to a different end to sleep, they pee & sleep in it. They both have been crated during the night from day 1. They dont dislike the crates in any way. They are well behaved in them apart from the soiling. I can somewhat understand with the puppy at times peeing in there because he is younger, but even at 7 months old I figure he should be good through the night, they are both outside basically all day in the backyard to use the bathroom. I cut off water & food a good 3 or 4 hours before bedtime to try to stop it. They both have a clean bill of health from the vet so I dont understand what the issue is. The older dog Rocko was abused as a puppy before I go him, its actually the reason I took him because I couldnt allow him to be left in that situation. He never got house broken. I tried my best with him, but it just never happened. The puppy Ruger is pretty well house broken, I`m sure if I let him have free roam of the house while I was gone etc. there would be some accidents but apart from that he`s pretty well behaved. The reason I crate them is because I dont want them peeing and pooping all over the house because they do it in the crate, so I know they would do it all over the house too. & they also tend to chew. I just want to get them to stop peeing in their crates & hope one day to completely be done with crates and have them have free roam. Any help & advice would be greatly appreciated. :) apart from their bad habits, they are both amazing dogs. great with all animals & amazing with my children. I just want to get them to a good place in the bathroom department lol.
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Take the blanket out of their crates, it will only encourage them to pee more because it is an absorbent material. Make sure you clean the crate with an enzymatic urine cleaner - regular cleaner doesn't actually break down the urine smell, and dogs smell is much better than ours (i.e. just because it smells clean to you, doesn't mean it is). Get a black light, and check that there are absolutely no urine stains in the crate.

Make sure they are sleeping in the same room as you as sometimes it helps,

The crate should only be big enough to stand, turn around and lie down in.

If they are having accidents in the middle of the night, you need to schedule an alarm to take them out to eliminate. Maybe around 3 or 4 in the morning. This way they don't develop a habit of having accidents in the crate.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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