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dogs living together not getting along

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My 6 month old bruno as been introduced to my roommates 2 year old,malteepoo ernie. I can tell already ernie hasn't been socialized much within an hour or two and its causing problems. I am proud of bruno he is just laying around being good, turning away from ernie, but its almost as if ernie picks fights. As soon as bruno turns his back ernie will nip at him, run after him bark a lot etc. Bruno just runs away and takes up a spot across the room and continues to ignore but finally he stopped putting up with ernie and nipped back. Luckily i controlled the situation pretty easily by getting between the two and just snapping my fingers at ernie and he ran away, i guess knowing i meant business. Either way, these dogs will be living together for a couple of weeks, is there any way to help them get along or will only giving it time help? Or will it just not happen? If someone can direct me to some articles or give any advice I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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Walk them together for about 40 min in the morning and 40 min in the evening. For some reason, dogs seem to bond when they are walked together. Plus it helps get rid of excess energy. Make it a brisk, no stopping to sniff walk, where they are at your side.
hey there!

i have exactly the same problem at my house right now. i can understand how difficult it is. i tried to put them together at first (i thought this will rid any curiousity) but it didn't work at all. mochi will always anoys pockey (who is calm and tries to avoid mochi).

i've been trying to walk them together every night for the last couple of days. don't know whether it's working really, but i really hope it does!

well good luck :) i know it can be a hassle living with two dogs that won't get along.
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