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I have a corgi/mix (charleigh) female who is 5 years old and a great Pyrenees/st. Barnard (Elleigh) female who is a year and a half. I have both dogs around each other since Elleigh was 5 weeks old. All of a sudden they want to fight. This all happened after Elleigh got her first heat cycle seems.
It's a complete blood bath when they fight and neither of them will back down so I myself have been bit trying to separate the two of them. I plan to get them both spayed next month in hopes it will ease some tensions between the two of them.
What happens is Elleigh will growl, normally standing overtop of charleigh and when this happens charleigh will attack and its a huge fight. Currently I have to keep them completely apart from one another, in separate areas of the house. The only time they see one another is for about 10-15 mins 2-3 times a day with muzzles on each of them. When the muzzles are on they will growl at one another for a few minutes then lay down side by side till I put them back into there separate places.
Any advice on what I can do to stop this fighting?
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