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Dogs are so Clumsy.

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so I was out in the yard with Hawkeye, Kechara and Delphi.

Hawkeye was racing around being pursued by Delphi, and Kechara was standing right in front of me begging me to throw the frisbee.

Well I see Hawkeye running towards us out of the corner of my eye and I just figure he'll go around us there is absolutely nothing blocking him in any direction that he can't simply turn and go around us.

Well ether Hawkeye was playing the part of "freight train" or he simply was in Lala land, but he just slammed into Kechara.

The force sent Kechara yelping and staggering a few feet from me and Hawkeye was now 15 feet away trying to collect his thoughts.

When suddenly the second blow hit. Delphi (must have been in lala land too) plows into, the already stunned, Kechara. The two girls do a bit of a roll together, Delphi continues to roll down the hill a bit farther.

Finally all three of them look at ME! wondering what happened.

So Delphi bit her tongue, Kechara was squinting in one eye and slightly favoring her left front leg, and Hawkeye was fine.

They are all good and happy now.
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ha ha ha ha that reminds me of when my mastiff was doing a freight train and collected my shepherd, but kept running despite dragging callie with her for the nest 6 or so metres
ahh That was a good laugh!!!
Reminds of a time in ON I was with my freinds and we were out letting the dogs run and be dogs, it was a small group of big dogs with taylor, a husky and 2 bernese mountain dogs. You can imagine all pooches running incircles and just having a good time chasing each other. Well, one of the ladies wasn't looking and she was chatting up a storm with us when all 4 dogs bowled into her at once!! It was hilarious, she went horizontal in the air *LOL. She was fun, came up laughing her butt off <chuckles>. 2 of the 4 dogs were her own so she wasn't upset with anyone, the pooches just got wrapped up in what they were doing and even though they are big dogs they were still techinically just puppies ranging from 10 months to 1.5 years.
Lol! Sometimes I think dogs just get so into their play that they end up a little 'blinded' to other things. Sort of like some dogs and the zoomies...where you better get out of the way or your liable to get bulled over.

And on a slightly OT note - I think we need some new Hawkeye pictures.
Years ago, my two Danes were tearing it up out in a field. They had plenty of room to really spool out. At one point they were crossing paths in front of me, and collided at flank speed. Talk about a train wreck! I will never forget the sickening sound they made when they crashed. They both bit their tongue (a lot of blood) and limped around for a day, but were not seriously hurt. It still amazes me that there were no broken bones.
That is hilarious Keechak...glad everyone's okay lol
Poor little Kechara. :( Glad everyone is alright. Gotta love dogs. :D
Yeah I don't get this one either. Dogs can be clumsy brutes. But they can also pick through a pile of junk with the precision of a surgeon to find a tiny sliver of a treat. Or take a jump with the grace of a gazelle. Some can even snatch things out of the air at the same time. And how my dog can slide her body around and squeeze us off of the bed without any apparent effort at all is just grace personified to me. She's got moves Muhammad Ali would be proud of.

They're just walking contradictions. Gotta love 'em.
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