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I am here because my rescue pup was labeled a pit/American Bulldog but people keep saying he could be a Dogo.. curious
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Dogos aren't an especially common breed, but a lot of people assume that any large-ish bully that's all or mostly white is a Dogo, even though the color exists in other bully breeds too. I would guess an American Bulldog mix is more likely unless you know for a fact that there's a large Dogo population around where your pup was rescued from.

Pictures may help, when you can put them up! It can be tricky to tell before a pup's full-grown though. Some of the DNA tests are quite accurate these days, which will probably as close to an answer as you'll be able to get.
I don’t know where he came from at all... the rescue doesn’t either. I’m in CT and there is a breeder I believe in NY/Long Island. His jaw is square and he is tall. I loaded pictures but I am not sure they work. Please let me know what you think!


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Check out white Scott American Bulldogs on google - I'd say it's more likely your pup is one of those, or a mix, than a Dogo. If he has any Dogo in there, I'd bet he's not pure. Most US Dogos are still cropped, I believe, which would happen before they leave the breeder typically. His structure looks pretty in-line with American Bulldog, too!

Again, only a DNA test would give you more insight, and they're still not going to be 100%.
He looks like a pitbull to me. He is a really pretty dog.
His previous owner did the DNA and said it was undetermined? But who knows... thank you. Regardless of what he is, breedwise, he’s the best dog and I’m proud of him ?
He is incredibly handsome! Do you know what test she used? Wisdom panel and Embark are the two most reliable I know of, with Embark being my favorite because they also test for a whole slew of potential genetic disorders, but they're pricey. Many of the other ones are still pretty unreliable, or simply don't have many rarer breeds in their database yet.
He does resemble a possible Dogo, color, very straight set front elbows but, he's young. He could be a Dogo/Pit or American Bulldog cross or be either one, or any combination of the three.
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