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Doghouse training, same thing as crate training?

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I got a doghouse for Nugget to use. She likes to sleep under the trees and on the stone pathways (they're cool) but she refuses to go into the doghouse. I've put her food in there, even with yummy wet food and people food lathered on top. I've thrown a toy or treat in there for her to chase, but she gives me the look of "really?" and walks away.

If I put a treat near the entrance, she stretches her neck like a giraffe to snatch the treat up the runs away. The cats like the doghouse, and Nugget likes to copy the cats, but she won't go in the doghouse.

The doghouse was free, I found it on craigslist and it smelled like dog pee when I got it. I washed it down with comet and rain water... and I've washed it out a few more times just in case it still might smell weird to her. But I don't know what to do past that. She never picked up on crate training, either. When she was in there, she was fine, but getting her in there was the tough part and I had to stuff her in it. Now she's too big and rowdy to be forced inside.
She has to stay outside when I'm at school, and if it's raining, I feel extra bad. The trees aren't enough shelter. I don't want her to get doggy pneumonia...
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Susan Garrett teaches something called "Crate Games". I've never used it myself- we don't crate or have a dog house- but I know lots of people who have loved Crate Games and say it is a wonderful resource.
My dog doesn't like his doghouse either, but he will go in when it's raining hard... (Long story about why my old Lab is outside in the hard rain :) )

One method for crate training is to make an irresistible Kong, tease the dog with it a little, throw it into the crate, then close the door with the dog on the outside. The dog will scratch to get in then get frustrated and look to you to let him in. You let him in, then close the door while he eats the Kong.

You might try something similar with the dog house, except don't close him in.

I used to play fetch with my dog, get him worked up, then throw the ball into the doghouse, and say "house." After many repetitions, he learned the cue. He would go into the house on cue... then come right back out ...
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