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I just thought I'd share a fantastic thing we got to do this weekend! Caeda's first puppy social. Apparently it is one of the best kept secrets around here. The lady doesn't advertise, its out of the back of a grooming shop once a week.

Wonderful learning experience for Caeda and us! She was SO horrible when we had to keep her on leash (dogs were let off one or two at a time, in the order dictated by the lady running it, who apparently also does some group obedience training!!!). Caeda squirmed and whined and spun in circles. Once we let her off she was fantastic!!! I watched her learn to play bow to greet pretty much every dog she was about to interact with for the first time, very cool. I got an education on how rough things can get before it gets called off (way rougher than I thought, but I haven't watched much of this kind of thing).

We also got to meet two Bermese pups that were her size but only 4-5 months old!!! I'm SO glad Caeda is tiny!

One sort of issue I've learned about Caeda. She ALWAYS wants to play with the most aggressive dog. There was one in the middle of the room being kept on leash by the lady running things, because it does have some minor aggression issues, Caeda kept going back to that one. The dog would jump up (it was BIG), stomp Caeda to the ground, bark at her and Caeda would go back for more. UGH, stubborn idiot lol.

Anyway, it was good stuff! I've even seen a bit of a change in Caeda's behaviour since that. She's calmer, less prone to be rough with us, its only been a day and one social, but I've got a feeling it'll be great for her! Group lessons will be even better, whether the trainer is good or not I'm not too terribly concerned. Having to do things on leash at a training session around other dogs is my main reason for going!

So, anybody who hasn't done a doggy social, unless you already have access to tons of new dogs, I highly suggest it!
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