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Doggy is refusing to stay at the place he used to stay

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My doggy ( she is female , about 4 years old now ) is refusing to stay at the place he used to stay normally. I don't know why. Could there be any reason? when i pick him up and put him there, he quickly runs from that place like she's seen a devil! But now the place she has selected to stay is just 2 feet away from the place she used to sleep. But the thing is that the new place that she has chosen now gets wet when rain comes , and these are very cold & very rainy days. And recently she has started to howl at the night. But when I say her name, she stops doing it.
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I wouldn't worry about it too much! What do you mean by "place she used to stay?" Like where she used to sleep? If that's the case, maybe she just find another spot more comfortable. Don't be concerned. As for the howling, maybe there's an owl outside at night? I dunno, why don't you just put out a dog bed somewhere else in the house and throw some treats on it....
Sorry, I meant not howling, its "Whining" (I'm not a native English speaker).
yah the "place she used to stay" meant the place she used to sleep.
and thank you for the reply :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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