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Hey guys. How is everyones dogs? awesome I hope!

Lately, my 13 week old puppy has been getting the hiccups at very odd times. For instance, I have just walked in the door at 2:00am after knocking off work and my puppy, Albert, woke up from his bed and came bounding over from his bed and I took him outside for his business then we had a little 20 minute play until he stared to fall asleep while bringing his ball back.

Now it is 2:30am and I have just jumped into bed and he is nestled into his doggy bed on the floor. Now, the hiccups start. Hes laying in bed with his eyes closed and constantly hiccuping.

This has been happening quite often lately, at random times. I have watched him and he hasnt had a drink and ignored his dried food.

Other times he will get the hiccups when we are going for a drive to the shops, on a walk or carrying out any normal tasks (doing the dishes, hanging out washing etc). He will just sit down and start hiccuping.

Is there some kind of reason behind this? At first I thought it was after eating/drinking but I have been watching him pretty closely and it doesnt seem to be related.

It doesnt distress him and only lasts a few minutes, if that.
Any ideas? Should I be worried?
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