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My dog is about a little over a year old now. She had major separation anxiety when I first got her when she was a little baby. When I took her to the vet, the vet told me she was taken away from her mother too early and that the pound had lied to me about her age. She was 4 weeks when I got her, and they told me she was 6 weeks. To this day she is very skittish, timid, and shy. She won't leave my side for anything but she is terrified of strangers and other dogs when she first meets them. She does eventually warm up. She still has seperation anxiety.

I was just wondering how I treat this? I feel so so bad for her that she is always so scared. I give her extra love, pets, and encouragement. I always tell her she's a good girl, especially if she goes up to some one. She's picky with treats and only like soft ones and I would be giving her a lot more treats but all I have are hard ones. She never misbehaves because she is so timid.

She's about a year old now, and some kind of mix. She looks like a cross between a cattle shepherd dog and an akita. She's medium sized.

I just want to help her to be a little bit more carefree and not always so scared.

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