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Doggie pet peeves

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What peeves your dog?

Enzo dislikes toys with squeakers. If he sets the squeaker off in a toy he looks at it confusedly and tosses it to the side and will not acknowledge it's existance ever again.

He dislikes car rides. MAYBE it's because he was dropped off, but every time he gets in the car he just cowers.

He doesn't seem to like little dogs that yelp either. Enzo is a laid back boy, and I have only heard him honestly bark maybe twice. When he gets around a little yelping dog he does this cute thing where he growls under his breath and looks up at you as if to say "make that dog shattup!" I don't know, it makes me laugh every time. :)
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I have a basset who is completely unflappable. Nothing bugs him. It's fun to watch. We were walking today and one of the neighbors had two chihuahuas in her yard that ran up to him barking and yapping. He gave them a look like, "Seriously, you're bring that? I walk by your place and you're going to bring that??" Then he just kept going.
My dog Rinoa hates the sink. If I'm holding her and I walk towards the kitchen sink, she clings to me. I think it's because she remembers getting a bath in the sink when she was a puppy.

She doesn't like thunderstorms, either. She lays in the bed, shaking and panting like she thinks it's the end of the world.
Uallis HATES it when someone blows in his face, although I think that is pretty common for most dogs. Also, he doesn't like it when people dance, wear a cowboy hat, or stand and/or jump on his couch. He also gets upset with giant teddy bears and dislikes being cuddled. He also gets upset if someone pays any attention to one of the cats.

With Eddie, the biggest thing is BEES or any other flying bug. He totally flips out. Last summer, he was stung by a few and since then he's really afraid of them/wants them all dead. I remember one night, Eddie was barking like crazy in this crate and whining. I went to check it out and saw a bee buzzing around the ceiling. I spent at LEAST 30-45 minutes, climbing on the washer, on the dryer, I brought out a chair to stand on, trying to kill this bee with a fly swatter (I kept missing...LOL) just so he would settle down and go to sleep. I knew no one was going to get a wink of sleep unless this bee died. His hatred for bees has also spilled over to moths, june bugs, etc. Anything that flies has to die. Kongs also frustrate him...they don't relax him at all or wear him out. He wants to clean out every last speck of whatever I stuff it with and if he can't quite reach it, he starts pacing, panting heavy and whining. So he doesn't get Kongs anymore and just gets a Nylabone in his crate to keep him busy.
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Your post about Eddie and bugs reminds me of Bubba, another one of my dogs. He also dislikes bugs, but only if they drown in the water bowl. One morning he was barking at me, my mom, and my dad. Bubba ran to the kitchen, with my dad following him. Bubba stopped at the water bowl, and barked some more. There was a dead moth that drowned in the water bowl. So my dad put new water in there, and Bubba was fine after that.
Chewy doesn't like water unless it's in a lake, ocean or sea. Sprinklers, hoses, rain, puddles, rivers, creeks, she hates them all. She also doesn't like little kids touching her feet. She's fine with adults or older children, and let's toddlers pet her and pull her ears, but when they touch her feet she gets up and walks away or looks at me imploringly as if to say "Can't you do something about this?"

Lola hates it when another dog is playing and she can't play with them, or walking by another dog when she's on a leash because she wants to go say hi and be her annoying self. :D

Zita doesn't like it when someone is laying on the couch or in a bed and she's on the floor. She'll put her paws on the bed/couch and look at you, making this strange noise that's a cross between a whine and a growl. She's too small to jump up, so you have to pick her up. :rolleyes:
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