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Doggie ear wax?

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I give my dog ear drops every other week. I was just attempting to do this and noticed this dark stuff in her ear. It looks like black ear wax and there was a good amount of it. Does anyone know what this is and is it something I should take her to the vet for? Is it dirt mixed with ear wax? I took a q-tip and got some of it out but I didn't get all of it since I dont want to risk hitting her ear drum. Thanks!
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Not that you should go sticking anything long in your dogs ear, but their ear drum is way down in there so it's safe to use regular length q-tips to clean their ears out.

If it's black like that it could well be ear mites which you'd need the vet to determine. Is she itching her ears or shaking her head? I'd probably suggest having the vet take a look anyway...the least they can do is show you how to clean them properly...it's super easy!
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