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I do not have two dogs, so when my neighbor who just acquired her second dog yesterday asked for help, I felt bad that I couldn't really answer her. So I'm coming to you. :)

She actually has two questions:
1) Should she keep Max's (the new dog) crate in her room or put in another room?

I suggested she keep the dog in her room, but her current dog also sleeps in that room. Max whines a lot, but both she and her boyfriend know that will eventually stop. She also suggested to put Max's crate in another room, I said if you want to do that you can and I heard music helps most dogs. Max is a Chi/Terrier Mix. Her other dog, Gabe, is a Brussels Griffon/Terrier Mix. What would you all do?

2) Max has got to get used to Gabe. He did growl once at Gabe when Gabe tried to hump him, but other than that his tail goes between his legs. For right now, Max is in his crate upstairs, with a baby gate blocking off their room. Gabe has the run of the house and cannot be crated. I walk these two every Thursday right now for a month (just to tell you guys).

So how does Max get used to Gabe? How does he become more comfortable and confident?
Thank you all.
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