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Summers here can get pretty hot, but the temperature has been pretty mild up until now. Things are heating up and this will restrict the times I can walk Wicket. Since she is one of those short faced dogs with low heat tolerance, she will basically fry up in the heat. I don't want to walk her less, so I've come up with this wacky idea: a doggie backpack cooling system (maybe it's been done already, not sure, didn't look it up). What I want to do is sew a little backpack for Wicket and basically put small ice packs or baggies of ice in them to keep her cool when it's hot. Of course I'm going to walk her during the coolest times of day, but during the worst of summer, those times can still be too hot as well. I just wanted any opinions on this silly idea, and if it's a good idea to go forward with, lol. If I use baggies of ice, when they melt, I can give her the cool water to drink during our breaks :D
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