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My pup barks in the morning, but only if he hears me or my husband. So if I wake up at 5am and have to flip over, his dog hearing from down the hall through two closed doors in his crate knows that I'm temporarily awake and the yelping begins. We have never let him out for yelping, (Except one time a few months ago when he woke us up at 2am, and we let him out. He had diarrhea poor thing. But I waited until he stopped crying before entering the room with his crate.) we just let him calm himself down, which he does in about 5-10 min. and falls back asleep. The real issue is that some mornings I get up for an early morning class, while most mornings I get up later. He starts yelping at my early morning wake up time. He also hears my alarm before I do, and starts crying.

I don't know how to stop the behavior, because as soon as I get up, (When it's time to actually get up,) and he hears me take one step, the barking stops. If I go to the bathroom first, he'll start crying again, but as soon as I'm done washing my hands he gets quiet, and won't barking again. (Even if I pause and stop walking to see if he will. He doesn't.) And then I let him out. I don't know how to stop the barking, because he isn't barking for quite the stretch when I let him out. We've let him cry it out for months now, but it still starts up every morning when he hears I'm awake. I just wish he knew that I'm going to get him, and to just be quiet. 😅 I haven't had this issue with any previous dogs either, so just feeling sort of lost.

As a side note, he also yelps when put in the crate during the day. (At night he goes right to sleep.) But if it's during the day, he walks right in, sits down, and starts yelping if we talk, or as soon as the garage opens. But once we close the garage, he stops. So he doesn't bark when we're not at home. Again, we've never let him out during the day for barking, I always let him out and make sure he's had a drink before we leave, so I don't know why he does it.
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