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Dog won't urinate for long periods of time

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I recently rehomed a dog due to the owners moving. He is currently three years old and is male. The problem is, he won't urniate for long periods of time now. At first he was going regulalry as he drinks a good amount of water, but now he will hold it for over 13 hours eaisly. He gets both seperate walks and walks with the other dog. Also, he used to relieve himself on the lead in the back yard and now won't go near it. In his last home, he was able to go outside without a leash due to the family having a fenched in yard. They have also reoprted he has never had any issues going. What could be wrong? He appears to have adjusted well besides this issue.
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How recently is recently? Stressed dogs will hold it for alarming periods of time.

Have you taken him to a vet yet? You should bring him in to introduce him to your vet, get a baseline on his health, and then you could ask about the urination issue.
He was urniating normally for a week. Now, he hasn't urinated for over 13 hours twice.
I would say a vet check is in order, if he was ok for a week, and is just now having this problem.
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