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I have a Newfoundland and a Rhodesian Ridgeback who are both about 2 years old. We got the Ridgeback first, then got the Newfy at 6 months. Initially, when we first got him he was food aggressive toward the Ridgeback, never humans though, and we were able to get a handle on that and control it pretty quick. He's never had any feeding issues since and we always feed them together. But recently, the Newfy has been exhibiting some very odd behavioral issues. He used to just stand there and wait for the Ridgeback to be finished eating and then he would begin. But now it's gotten weirder. I even asked my vet about it and she was stumped. Here's what's been happening:

We feed them together. The Ridgeback always finishes first. The Newfy will just stand there and watch the Ridgeback eat. Once the Ridgeback is finished, then the Newf will look at his food and just stare at it for a long time. If anyone else - human or dog - is in the room he will not eat, he'll just stare at it for a long time and eventually sit or lay down and refuse to eat. If you try to put a kibble in his mouth he spits it out (we feed them Eukenuba Large Breed Adult). However, if we make sure no one else is in the room, then he will stand there for a long time looking at his food and eventually he will eat it, after some struggle. He often will walk away from the food 3 or 4 times and we'll have to turn him around and lead him back to his bowl (and then leave again, of course) before he will finally eat. Once he starts chomping though, anyone - human or dog- can walk around in the room and he'll continue to eat without interruption.

Sometimes, however, he won't eat at all and skips the meal, which is very concerning to us. He's not underweight, but I fear if this behavior continues, he may start to loose too much weight. He is healthy, happy and active aside from this issue.
Like I said, our vet was stumped - she'd never heard anything like this before. Any suggestions as to what might be going on and how we can resolve it are greatly appreciated!!
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