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It sounds like she does just like to relax a bit outside after her walk. Here are some ideas:

Try taking them out a bit earlier than necessary so you have the time to let her sit outside afterwards for a bit.

Rather than "bribing" her with treat, reward her. What this means is instead of holding out the treat and calling her (ie, if you come here, I'll give you a treat), when she comes in give her a treat (ie, you came in you wonderful little girl, here's a treat!). It's a subtle difference, but makes a world of difference. Include tons of praise when you reward her. Praise has become undervalued in the days of treat training, but can be as powerful as treats. When she does what you want her to do, praise her like she just got up on her back legs and danced a ballet. Show her how much her behavior pleases you - this is far more important than showing displeasure at bad behavior.

Make coming inside something fun. Too often, coming inside means the end of fun for a dog - no more playing, no more smells and sights, etc. - and so the dog ignores your call so she can keep having her fun. So, have a game or activity for when you come back inside. A few minutes of playtime with a favorite toy, a game of hide and seek or "find it", etc. Even giving her tons of praise and/or a brushing (if she likes to be brushed) can give her a reason to come inside.

Never call her and yell, scold, or punish her. When you call her, it should ALWAYS be a positive thing - ALWAYS.
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