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Hi all,

Just today our 10 year old beagle got a chicken drumstick bone lodged in her throat. We rushed her to the vet & x-rays showed one sharp piece at a bad angle. We were given a range of outcomes from simple outpatient endoscopy to full open-chest esophageal surgery with uncertain long-term prognosis due to likely perforation.

The surgeon *was* able to remove everything via endoscopy, but did detect a slight tear in her esophagus. So right now she's getting a stomach feeding tube in her side - if all goes well she'll be fed a liquid diet thru that for 2 weeks whilst being pumped full of antibiotics, hopefully avoiding the complications of infection/abscess. The doctor sounded guardedly optimistic & we pick up our dog tomorrow.

I've heard esophageal perforations can be pretty dicey for canines - obviously we're hoping this is indeed a minor one & everything heals up properly. But wanted to check on here & see if anyone has experiences with this, specifically the recuperation process & whatnot.

Many thanks in advance...
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