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Dog with cough 2 months after surgery, trachea damage?

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Please can people advise me, I feel totally lost. My 8 year old Cocker spaniel had stomach hernia surgery on 9th March this year. That seems to have healed fine.
However, she has had a dry cough ever since the surgery. At first I thought it was just irritation from the breathing tube, but took her back to vets towards end of march when it still hadn't gone. The vet said it was Kennel Cough and gave 10 days antibiotics (Doxycycline) and anti inflammatory.

Finished the course and she still has the cough, so I took her to a different vet for a second opinion yesterday. I wasn't too worried before this appointment, maybe naively, but now I am panicking as the vet there said the antibiotics should have worked and she could potentially have tracheal collapse. They prescribed her some prednisolone and said if this doesn't work then she will need X rays/endoscopy to check her throat and lungs.

I've read online that the breathing tube could cause damage to the trachea, but my original vets have said this is very unlikely. I'm really upset because she has always been so healthy, and I feel that they have possibly injured her and given her a life long and life threatening condition. I feel that the original vets shouldn't charge me for the X rays if this is the case.
Does anyone have experience of this happening to their pet after an operation? Or any other ideas about what may be going on? Thank you
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A sore throat can be common after surgery. Yes the tube can cause further damage, though as your vet says unlikely (not impossible though). I would say trust the vets, they are professionals and following their advice is your best bet.
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