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Dog with bleeding ears

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I recently went to visit mt grandmother and went to pet her dogs when I noticed that both ears on her largest dog sandy looked horrible! I took a picture with my phone but it didn't save or something but Sandy is a mixed breed that we got from a animal shelter about 10 years ago. I think she has a lot of golden retriever in her and she is probably 50lbs plus. The lives in a very large fenced in yard with a dachshund and a poodle mix. THe problem is on the outside of the flap of skin covering her ear. It is on the back edge of the facing the tail. All the hair is gone and and they have begun to bleed, or at least I think. They aren't dripping but they are bright red and wet looking with black spots. It looks horrible! The dachshund will come up and lick them when she lays down and sandy will tolerate it for a while before she starts growling so I'm not sure if they hurt but I can't imagine how they wouldn't. I asked my grandmother and she says it shows up around this time every year. She asked her vet about it(she is 72 and can't get him in a the car) And he told her some strange homeopathic remedy with burnt motoroil in it?! She says it has worked in the past but it has never been this bad. Can anyone tell me what to do to help get her better? She is an old dog with athritis and I'm afraid she may get a infection she can't fight. Would putting any antiseptic on there help? And is there anything that's safe in case copper licks it off?
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Fly strike. Nasty. Here's an article I found that explains it pretty well: http://ezinearticles.com/?Fly-Strike-On-Dogs&id=459633

I think she'll need to see the vet if it's that bad. Any way you can help your grandma take her in? There are meds the vet can give you to help it heal and prevent future fly problems.
her ears sound like they are being bitten by flies. it can cause scaring and it's painful.
there is a product called SWAT that is a creme you can put on. it heals the wounds and keeps buggies away. it will need to be applied daily.
i would also get a fly trap to lower the fly population
there is a product called SWAT that is a creme you can put on. it heals the wounds and keeps buggies away. it will need to be applied daily.
Yep, that's the one I was thinking of. My vet sells it, I know it's not prescription but I don't know where else to get it. But her ears might be infected and if so she'll need antibiotics. I think a vet visit would be best if at all possible.
OK that helps alot. I will try and convince her to take him to the vet, but she doesn't have a lot money to work with(neither do I i'm just a poor college kid)
If not then the creme and fly trap will be my backup plan. I have a large yard to keep her in with a little chicken wire to fix holes. I could take her in for awhile if I had to. I'm assuming the creme wouldn't be good for the other dogs to lick either. Thanks a lot for the help I hate to see sandy suffer.
SWAT is available at tack and feed stores for livestock, or at petsmart but under the name i think of "flies off" it comes in a little 4oz jar
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