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My 8 year old havanese was diagnosed with Addisons 5 years ago. We have been able to manage his condition with the use of minimal prednisone and a precortin injection every 21 days. In February he began having these tremors that would occur at 1:00 a.m. He would need to go out, poop, come back in the house and his entire body would begin to shake. In the beginning, this went on for up to 4 hours. I immediately called the vet and he thought my dog was experiencing addisonian muscle tremors.
We upped his dose of prednisone and this seemed to keep the tremors at bay. We have now gone from a daily dose back to our as needed dose of about every 14-20 days.

I have logged on to various websites and the tremors associated with addisons do not look anything like my dogs. My dog begins to shake, and it appears as though he is suffering from severe Gi upset. He will attempt to walk while stretching his back legs, finding it difficult to even walk but it looks as though he's trying to stretch his stomach area.

I even showed a video of this to my vet and he agreed, it was not a muscle tremor but the immediate use of prednisone helps subside the tremors. Has anyone experienced anything like this with their dog? He's on alot of meds and i know his system has just been shot over the past year so GI upset is common. He has had pancreatitis twice and was in the ER both times for this. Both bouts were prior to his addisons diagnosis.
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