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Dog will only poop at dog park or hold it and poop in house

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We got a 1 year old mix from the local humane society in November 2008. Hes a year and a half now and he has literally never pooped on the leash.......ever. He pees on the leash just fine, but no poop. We had to become members of the only local dog park just so that he would poop somewhere. If we don't take him to the park every single day, he poops in the house. So we were wondering if there is anything that anybody could recommend that we do. We would like to avoid crate training, but thats what we have had to do while we are not home. He is the perfect dog in every other way and he always feels bad when he goes in the house because he knows its wrong, but I think its because he just couldn't hold it. This is a really frustrating situation and I would appreciate anybody's help

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Well when he poops we are at the dog park and he is off in some corner, so unless I can get over there and give him a command, then he won't learn it. The problem is he doesn't even poop on the leash at all. I will try to add a command though, even if it means me following him around the dog park.
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