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Dog whining with toy in his mouth

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Hello guys!

I have always wanted to come on here and ask this question about my dog to see if he’s this only one who does this!

My dog Maverick- he loves to rip up a toy and when he gets the squeaker out , it’s not chewed , no teeth marks in it , looks completely fine and he’ll just softly hold it in his mouth until he sees me and he’ll bring it over to me and try to bury it under my body or just gently drop it by my hands.If I put it on the floor, he will put it back in his mouth and whine. Iv woken up to this squeaker under my pillow, under my body , you name it. Lol I’m just curious as to why he does this and why does he whine ?
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Why would you send a link to poop bags?
Just a spammer, it's been dealt with! If you see a weird post like that feel free to report it by clicking the three vertical dots at the upper righthand corner of the post and we'll check it out for you - especially if there's a strange link involved in case it's something malicious.

Your pup sounds darling! My younger boy will absolutely bring me 'treasures', especially when he wants attention or something I have, or if he wants me to hang onto it for safekeeping. I wonder if your boy also thinks you're a safe place to stash his squeakers!
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