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Dog whimpering and general discomfort

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I have my American Cocker Spaniel Daisy, (4 years old) who today when I came home from school was whining a lot. She whines when she moves up the staircase, generally appearing to have some discomfort and the pain appears to be located around her shoulder when I was petting her.

Any advice?
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Sounds like she did something silly while you were gone and pulled a muscle. Try to have her rest as much as possible today and limit her use of that shoulder. If she is still sore tomorrow, give the vet a call. I believe you can give them a certain amount of children's pain reliever depending on their weight, but I am not sure. Last time one of mine got injured, they got a prescription so I just give them that.
Thank you very much I'll try just that (she's energetic and hard to keep still) and I'll see if the pain reliever isn't something I can't try too, as she is yelping alot.

Go to a vet.
Do not give children's tylenol. It is toxic to dogs. You really need to see a vet. If she is yelping or whining, she is in pain, and waiting is not a good idea, nor is masking pain. If the dog takes a turn for the worse, and you have masked the pain, it can make it difficult to diagnose what is wrong. Also, if you give aspirin or another pain reliever, and the vet feels she needs surgery, aspirin can increase bleeding, potentially causing serious problems. Or if the vet needs to give a steroid, they CANNOT if you have given another NSAID.

Go to a vet. The dog may have ruptured something, or eaten something that is causing an impaction, rupture of an organ, etc. Or there could be a spinal injury that needs rest/immobilization/steroids.
I agree. You might want to see a vet. Something might be wrong -- a blockage in the intestines, perhaps. I hope that's not the case. :(
Thanks I will call them tomorrow morning (they are closed) I don't think it is her intestines as it is the front paws' shoulder
Just brought her to the vet; she strained her shoulder and has to rest for a week no strenuous exercise and I will be massaging her shoulders.... the shaking came from the inflammation that surrounds her shoulder
Glad she'll be ok. Thanks for updating.
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