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Dog Wash Facilities...

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has anyone here used them and do you think it's worth the price?...i'm thinking of taking mine to one here in town....it seems reasonable but i'm not sure....
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I used to use the facilities at Dog House and Pet Center. Since that time, lots more have sprung up around the valley.

They had all the supplies: shampoo, conditioner, brushes, towels and - most important - the big commercial dryer that would actually get my lab dry in the winter before we went back outside and extract a truly incredible amount of loose fur. The water supply was temperature controlled.

We got to leave the mess behind, though we cleaned up some when we were done.

I wasted about half of my first session trying to get my 115# dog up into the huge sink. At one point, I actually tried to pick him up, and I pulled muscles I wasn't previously aware of. I couldn't lift a gallon of milk for about six weeks after that.

On subsequent visits, I washed him on the floor. There were floor drains everywhere and squeegees to tidy up afterwards.

I always took a couple of teenage offspring along, since washing Cubby was a lot like washing a truck - one that's in gear and slowly wandering away.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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