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We have one dog, that a refer to as pumba. He has warts... lots of them. He is getting his teeth cleaned today and having a big wart removed while under. That still leaves like 10 other smaller ones. I have been researching other ways to get rid of them and wondered if anyone has any experiences?
I have found mentions of these:
Vitamin E oil
Apple Cider Vinegar

each gets mixed reviews - works for some, but not others... and i have heard ACV can be uncomfortable 1/2 way through treating..

Any advice would be great!

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ACV can absolutely cause chemical burns with prolonged exposure, even when diluted, so that one I'd definitely use caution with.

Afraid I don't have experience with the rest. Sam has the canine papilloma virus, but to date he's only had one wart that we had surgically removed to get the diagnosis. Wishing you luck!

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Good questions and there's no obvious answers. I spent HOURS researching online, everything from articles specific to thuja for dogs to understanding how homeopathic treatments work in general (not at all like human ones....for ex. - giving more pellets does not equal a higher dosage). Based on that, I just did some trial and error because for many things, I found contracting strategies.

What I did:
-Put some topic thuja essential oil on one of the warts (the other was right next to the eye, so it seemed like a bad idea). Used a qtip and applied it twice per day (warning: at this time, my dog developed reverse sneezing for several days. I have no idea whether it was related, but it was quite the coincidence, and made me think he might be allergic to the very strong smell of the essential oil). I stopped this after 3 days because of the sneezing.
-Gave the pellets. I gave him 2 pellets at a time, twice a day (4 in total per day). I dissolved them in a bit of chicken broth (you're supposed to do it with water, but he didn't like the flavor) and had him drink it. I made sure it was not close to meal times, though there was conflicting info on this. Some said to give it on an empty stomach and others said to give it with food.

I did this for about a week, and then the warts fell off. Hope this helps!
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