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There's much more to it than merely providing water on hot days, ensuring ID tags are worn, and not administering meds etc.

I'd speak with a lawyer first of all. It's important to establish exactly where you'll stand, legally, should anything unfortunate occur while a dog is under your care. With today's trend towards hellish lawsuits, and liability issues being what they currently are, I wouldn't rely solely on an insurance policy to potentially save my bacon. And this is only considering the legal aspect ...

Secondly, in my opinion, you're going to need a very firm understanding of dog training and behaviour principles. And also possess a certain skill set in that regard, which can be applied during the course of actually walking dogs. A history of handling many dogs with vastly different temperaments will be an asset. In other words, an abundance of prior dog experience.

Those are just two points that immediately come to mind. I'm sure that many other important elements will need to be considered as well.

Brutally honestly though? Personally I would rather start a different type of dog-related business. Grooming, for example. Even though there are similar legal / liability concerns, at least it doesn't involve taking other people's 'unknown / strange' dogs outdoors and into public areas.
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