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Poop bags.....plenty. don't be squimish on the policing of the sidewalk treasures.

One dog at a time, unless they share the same owner.

Each animal on collar/harness and leash. No one runs loose.

A pocket full of treats may be helpful.

About walking in hot weather.......be mindful of the temperature/humidity combination. Put your hand on the pavement, count to 5. If you can't reach 5 without removing your hand, then the pavement is too hot. Dogs can burn their pads in a very short time. You need to be aware of the temperatures within 2 feet of the pavement, this is where the temperature can soar several degrees. This is also the zone where many dogs walk. Learn the signs of heatstroke, be prepared to administer emergency cool down to ease to condition. Pavement temperature can be over 100F when the air temp is in the 70s, just using air temperature can mislead you.

Have the dog owner's vet contact number. Have the owner's contact number.

Learn dog first aid. A dog could easily cut a paw on a piece of glass or get a splinter or......

Lawyer up.....learn the law and your liability. It will help in many areas.
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