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Only a few weeks ago, I decided to start a dog walking business with the help of a few of my friends that are also good at taking care of dogs. However, before starting this business, I am willing to get all necessary tips, suggestion and guidance from pet communities. In the same token, we are also comparing the quotes and reading the reviews of dog walker insurance companies to avoid any damage after getting enter in the business. However, I am also willing to explore further dog walking suggestions in this regard.

When I talked with various dog walkers, they suggest the following tips:
Bring plenty of water for your dog
Don't walk with him in hot weather especially at heated pavements
Make sure your dog wears a proper identification to avoid any problem
Don't give any medicine to your dog before the advice of his/her vet
Don't start this business before taking the dog walking insurance

So, what other pieces of advice you people can share with us. We really need quality and honest opinions in this regard. I am waiting for your suggestions.
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