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Our dog is getting up there in years, and we are starting to have a lot of frustration in the walking department. As in, he is really arthritic and spans the gamut between pooping in the house and walking at a painstakingly slow pace for an hour and NOT pooping. (Yes, he’s been to the vet.) So, we are on a mission to find an app that will help us track the following:

*which block he walked (where)
*how long and when he walked (time)
*whether he pooped
*if he pooped in the house (and when)
*whether he ate before the walk
*did he take his meds before the walk
*energy level on the walk (is this related to taking meds)

We’d like to be able to track and chart all this information to answer questions like…if he eats first, what is the likelihood he will poop on the walk? What time of the day is he most likely to poop – so we can strategically plan to make that walk longer? Does he strongly prefer to poop on one block over another?

We’re trying to give him the best quality of life we can! He has always refused to “go” in our yard, so he gets 3 walks a day. These have recently gone from 20 minute walks to sometimes over an hour when he won’t “go”…which is very difficult on his arthritic joints…

Most importantly, we need to be able to SHARE this app with each other…and it has to be available on android. I’ve been looking at dog walking apps which aren’t very helpful, and have recently been considering baby apps…like iBaby, but we can’t share it between us, which makes the app moot. Looking at Excel tracking, but having trouble converting everything into a chartable numeric.

Any suggestions would be HIGHLY appreciated.
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