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I am hoping to get some feedback from others. I got a new dog walker and on the second day, my dog's crate was not latched properly. When I came home the dog was out of the crate and the carpet under the crate was clawed away. The top latch was secured but the bottom one wasn't. So she was able to squeeze and claw her way out. Besides the damage to the carpet (which is bad, I am a renter!), I am most concerned about how she could have been seriously hurt if in the process she got stuck or her collar got hooked on the crate door, any number of things.

I know this was an honest mistake, but something makes me feel really uneasy and I am leaning towards not asking her back. She also didn't leave a note describing the walk (and mainly telling me if they pooped/peed), which was something I was told I would get.

What do you all think? Interested in also finding out how others go about picking your dog walker.

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