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NOTE: He is going to the vet this afternoon, I am just trying to get an idea of what I may be up against here.

My 11 year old FCR has gone off of food this week, and is vomiting 3-4 times daily. He won't eat anything with any regularity. Not kibble, not canned...we got him to eat a little bit of Natures Variety raw chicken diet one day, and some mac and cheese another. One day he ate a little cooked chicken and some raw green beef tripe, today he ate 3 1oz nuggets of the NV raw chicken, a little cooked chicken, a little mac and cheese and a small piece of bread w/PB on it. This is the most he has eaten in a week. Keep in mind that this is the kind of dog that will steal food from an infant, off a counter, off your plate...he loves to eat typically, hes a retriever, they love food. Also, he will like things and eat them one time, and then won't eat them again. He ate cooked chicken one day, and then the next 2 days wouldn't touch it. He was on Instinct Grain Free rabbit meal, with a little Evangers canned mixed in for flavor, as well as a daily probiotic and fish oil, and he won't touch his usual diet with a 10 foot pole.

Hes also vomitting, although its mostly bile, probably because he won't eat. Some days I can't get him to eat anything at all. Every once in a while I will see food in his vomit, and once this week he vomitted up his whole meal.

His stool is normal, and although he is passing much less (not suprising since he won't eat) he is still passing it with no more difficulty then before.

So anyone have any ideas of what this may be? If its horrible news I want to be prepped before I get to the vet. Thanks for your help!
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