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Dog Treats and Bloat

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Guys I've been giving my dogs the natural rawhide treats for a while now, as they love them and keep them non-destructively occupied. I've been reading that they may be a large cause of bloat, especially with breeds that are prone to it.

My main concern is for our English Mastiff. He's a big guy, only 8 months so still very playful, and obviously a breed very prone to bloat. What chewies or bones out there do you guys recommend that are more safe then the rawhide treats?

Thanks a lot for the advice, I want our dogs to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible.
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Any brand or type of bone in particular? Is that something I can pick up at a pet store?

BTW, here are some pictures:

Here he is at 2 months and then at 6 months old, with my daughter as a reference. He's got to be the nicest dog I've ever had.

And here he is at 8 months old:

Also, I picked up a few of the Nylabones, what do you all think of them? And I read somewhere that certain bones are bad about splintering, which kind is that?

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Cooked bones are bad when it comes to splintering especially cooked bird bones (chicken, turkey...) Raw bones are structurally slightly more mailable and even digestible. Nylabones are good as well and the tiny pieces of plastic that to dog chews off are not big enough to cause any digestive upset and they pass threw. (kinda like a little kid who eats a marble and the doc tells the parent "just wait till it goes through" lol)

the benefit of raw bones is that for one they have a greater appeal to most dogs, and they are highly nutritious. You can get raw beef bones at some supermarkets, there is a shop around here called "Festival Foods" and they have a large raw bone section for dogs. otherwise I would find a local butcher. some butchers will even give you their scrap beef bones for free. Just make sure that the bone you get is of acceptable size for your pup, nothing so small that he can swallow it.

and just so you know those smoked bones you see in the pet sections at stores ARE cooked and those are the type that are known to splinter.
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Aside from the great advice already given, my dogs like to chew on Kong Toys and Everlasting Fun Balls.
The Kongs are great, they're the only thing that my dogs haven't been able to destroy. The "Everlasting" toys last minutes. There are fabric toys that I get that are called "Yankers" that have the belting, or strapping inside of them last for about a month and they love those.

What is it about the rawhide chews/chips (these http://www.petco.com/product/105963/PetAg-Chunky-Chew-Rawhide-Chips.aspx?CoreCat=OnSiteSearch) that can cause bloat?
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