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So I've been browsing books and websites over the past few days, trying to find a bit of help on the commands I've been teaching, as well as finding new commands and how to teach them. Today, I found a book that I just loved, I was so happy. I got it, and I've already browsed the whole thing and read a few chapters that I knew I needed to work on.

It's titled Maran Illustrated Dog Training, and it's a completely positive training book that shows pictures of actual people doing the hand signals, and how the dog should respond. It also has a few chapters on how to deal with basic behavioral problems, like excessive barking, digging, and chewing.

I thought it was a great find, and I just had to share it. Has anyone else found any really good dog training books?

Side note: One of the first books I looked at was Dog Training for Dummies, because I figured it would be pretty basic. I put it right back on the shelf when I read that the best dog collar for training on leash was a pinch collar. Grrr.
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