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dog trainer suggested sheet completely over crate at night. thoughts?

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We have been doing a sheet over the crate but she wants us to cover the front too. I feel bad that she wouldn't be able to see us then but I guess she'd hear us but I guess I am imagining myself in that situation and how uncomfortable it would be but it wouldn't be like that for an animal right? Do you think we should do this or do you do this and how is your dog with it?
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So, is she barking or whining in the crate? What's the reason your trainer wants you to do this? My demo dog Alice has decided she doesn't like strange dogs at the school staring at her when she is crated, and I think that's a valid opinion, so I do cover her crate there, and she seems perfectly fine with it
The fan's a good idea. I think the sheet sort of depends on the dog.
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