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Dog tracking GPS

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I have a German Shepherd and a Belgian Malinois and they have recently got out of our yard and went on an adventure. We were worried sick and was unable to find them for hours until our vet called and the animal control had dropped them off. Thankfully they are microchipped and had their id tags on.

I've looked at a few GPS trackers with no luck as to being able to settle on one specifically. Does any one have a recommendation? All the ones I have looked at the reviews are about 50/50.

How far do they work? I was hoping at least a mile?

Thanks for any help!
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I'm not affiliated with any of those companies. But I've heard good things about Fi. True GPS collars (as opposed to blutooth) work for well over a mile. They can pretty much pinpoint your dog's location anywhere that the GPS service works. But there are a few caveats - the collar needs to be charged every X days (battery drainage depends on many factors). The collar must be on your dog and charged, and your phone must be charged, for you to track them down. There is also a yearly subscription you must pay to maintain this service.
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