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Dog Teasing Owner?

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Well, for a while now my dog has been "teasing" me. She will take her toy and come near me acting like "take it, come on" then pulling it away and growling when I try to take it away. Is this normal?
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She's trying to get you to play
Makes sense.

If you want to play, chase her down, tackle her and take the toy to establish dominance. Rinse and repeat.
Doesn't make sense.

Why would you ever chase and tackle your dog?
Ruby that does kind of make sense. Think, dogs out in the wild do tackle to show power over each other.
Perhaps, but my dog is not a wild dog and my dog knows i'm not a dog. If I chase and tackle her she is going to freak out, not think "oh this means she's the boss of me". She does what I say through training and because I look after her and make it worth her while, not because I tackle her when she wants to play.
All dogs are not the same.
Agreed. Which is why I would never advise someone to do it over the internet... you can't have a real idea about the size/temperament of someone else's dog, so you can't tell them that they should tackle them.

My first post should have said "Why would you ever advise someone to chase and tackle their dog?" :rolleyes:
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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