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Dog Teasing Owner?

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Well, for a while now my dog has been "teasing" me. She will take her toy and come near me acting like "take it, come on" then pulling it away and growling when I try to take it away. Is this normal?
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I agree with both camps :)

Larger dogs and retrievers love to be chased, and if they understand that you are playing, tackling may not be a problem with younger dogs, who don't have arthritis - My retriever is 9 years old, so I don't tackle him, but I do roll him and grab his legs. He lies down or walks away when he's had enough, then comes back to pester me to pet him... And I walk away when I've had enough.

You should have a feel for how roughly your dog wants to play, but you also want to temper that with not getting over-excited.
1. If your dog takes something and runs away, make sure that you can call him back. You don't want him to learn that stealing something and running is allowed.

2. Most dogs like to be chased, but make sure that the game stops whenever you want. If the dog accidentally escapes and you have to chase him across the street, bad things can happen. But I see no problem in a fenced yard, if you're up for the chase.... as long as you can stop and recall.

3. I still play fight with my older dog. And, if you see some of the pictures of Ian Dunbar, he fights with his Malamute... but it is obvious that it is under control. .... Your mileage may vary.

- Hank Simon
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1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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