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Dog soon few questions

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Hey all,

I am finally getting my dog! Today in a few hours actually! I just had a quick question.

I got a bit of dog food today from the store. Acana puppy and junior dog food. The ingredients seemed really good. I can't remember if this was a food recommended to me, but has anyone had any experience with this food? I am assuming the owner I am getting the dog from will have him on something like pedigree. How should I ween him onto this new food? 1/4 Acana and how slowly should I up the amount?


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How old is the puppy? I would be inclined to feed whatever the breeder is feeding for at least the first few days as the puppy will be upset enough being away from its littermates without also changing the food. When you start to switch the puppy, add a little more of the new food every day until it is eating just the new food.
Thanks for the response!!

It was born December 22nd so it is slightly over 3 months old.

I will hold off on giving him the new food, the breeder was feeding it Natural Holistics (Natural being the brand) which I believe is similar to the food I would like to offer.

Another few questions.

The Dog really likes to get up and lick my face for some reason. I had been getting him down and telling him a firm and confident "no" and distract him to do something else. Can I dissuade this behavior or is it something important for the dog to do? I don't mind if he licks my fingers but I would prefer if he didn't lick my face.

We have set up a pen for the dog that includes his water dish, toys, training pads and his kennel. Is it good for me to play with him in the pen to get him used to it? I know you should reinforce calm behavior in the kennel but is okay to inforce play time in the pen? When should I start putting him in the kennel? I should do it when I am home for a few minutes at a time to get him used to it. Should I be putting toys in the kennel also?

Sorry for all the questions but I want to do this all right.

Thank you,

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Thanks for the reply Trixie. I am glad mistakes aren't such a big deal! hahaha

Yes by kennel, I mean crate. Thanks for clearing that up, I will help try to reassure the "alone time" feel when he is in the pen.

He is not crate trained yet, and as for tonight I was going to let him stay in the pen in the living room with his toys and blanket, but he was crying a lot and whining. I tried to ignore it but it was getting loud and I didn't want to upset the neighbors. I took down the pen and collapsed it into a small shape and put it in my bedroom with his blanket, a soft pillow and his toys (I did not include his training pad or water.) Is it okay to do this while he is getting used to the house and being away from his brothers and sisters? I still want to affirm that I am pack leader, but am I being too soft?

As for crate training, how do I start him off? Today I was throwing his toy in and letting him explore inside the crate with the door open, letting him go in and out as he pleased. When should I start closing the door, and for how long a period?

Sorry for all the questions, I am learning. LOL


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Thank you for the info. I will start to crate train today.

Depending on my Dads schedule I may not be able to get him out every three hours. What should I do when I can't?
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