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Dog soon few questions

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Hey all,

I am finally getting my dog! Today in a few hours actually! I just had a quick question.

I got a bit of dog food today from the store. Acana puppy and junior dog food. The ingredients seemed really good. I can't remember if this was a food recommended to me, but has anyone had any experience with this food? I am assuming the owner I am getting the dog from will have him on something like pedigree. How should I ween him onto this new food? 1/4 Acana and how slowly should I up the amount?


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He is not crate trained yet, and as for tonight I was going to let him stay in the pen in the living room with his toys and blanket, but he was crying a lot and whining. I tried to ignore it but it was getting loud and I didn't want to upset the neighbors. I took down the pen and collapsed it into a small shape and put it in my bedroom with his blanket, a soft pillow and his toys (I did not include his training pad or water.)
I highly recommend putting the crate in your bedroom to allow puppy to sleep in there at night. Luna (my pup) sleeps in her crate in the bedroom, and I feel it's what got her used to the crate much quicker. She didn't even whine the first night she was home, because we were near.

Are you unable to get home every 3 hours or so to let your pup out to go potty? I am wondering why you are using a crate inside a pen... Crate training will go quicker if you can actually put puppy in the crate rather than allowing them to use pee pads in the crate area. I am wary of leaving a puppy with pee pads... simply because many of them choose to eat the pads. The pads are made of material that swells when it comes in contact with liquid (to be more absorbent) and it will do the same thing in puppy's tummy.
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