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Dog soon few questions

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Hey all,

I am finally getting my dog! Today in a few hours actually! I just had a quick question.

I got a bit of dog food today from the store. Acana puppy and junior dog food. The ingredients seemed really good. I can't remember if this was a food recommended to me, but has anyone had any experience with this food? I am assuming the owner I am getting the dog from will have him on something like pedigree. How should I ween him onto this new food? 1/4 Acana and how slowly should I up the amount?


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Playing games with the crate is good. Also, start luring him into the crate and use your crate command (i.e. "kennel up) as soon as he's inside, close the door and give him a treat through the back of (or back side of a plastic) the crate. Count 5 seconds, praise and let him out, but only if he's quiet. Repeat a few times. Then gradually increase the time he's in the crate with the door closed. At night, first tire him out with some exercise and a potty trip. Then put him in the crate with something that has your scent on it or even a stuffed animal (if he won't tear it apart) for comfort. Put the crate by your bed so that you can reach your hand down to reassure him with your presence. And set your alarm for at least one potty outing during the night.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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