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We’ve had our adopted chiweenie for 1 week now. He’s a little over 1 year old. Up until the last couple days he’s adjusted very well with us being sensitive to his needs and adjusting and being really calm around him with only gradually introducing him to new things. He’s started settling in, is much more comfortable and is extremely cuddly. The only problem I’ve seen is that when he gets energized while playing he will snap his chops at you. I don’t see it as purely aggressive but I’m afraid it will turn into that or that he’ll hurt someone. How do I handle this? I love the cuddly part of him but it would be fun if I could engage in playtime with him. Whenever we try to be playful with him his teeth come out so we just end up ignoring him or trying to calm him down. Just so you know we’re not doing anything like playing tug of war or even snatching his toys away so that’s not a factor. Help please! I don’t want to have to take him back to the pound but biting is the one thing I can’t tolerate! ?
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