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Dog shedding ALOT, coat changing color and 'strings' in her poo

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Ruby is a Shar Pei, pitbull, german shepard cross. At least that's our best guess. She's a rescue and had a hard life. We think she's 3 or 4. We've only had her for 3 months.
Her fur is kinda coarse like a shar pei (and the cutest wrinkles!). Her back was peppery - the hairs are white with black tips. Now she has about a 6 inch stripe of pure black fur down her back with the pepper on her sides still. The color started changing when she started shedding. The fur she sheds are coarse hairs (not undercoat). I could brush her for hours and still more fur would come off.
Her skin looks good and no bare patches. She doesn't seem itchy either. I've read alot about dog's coats changing color, but just darker or lighter because of seasons. This definately isn't the case with Ruby.
I've also noticed, possibly something completely unrelated, that her poop is full of these white fiber looking things. I was considering that it could be that she's ingesting alot of her fur since there's so much everywhere, but our foster dog doesn't seem to have that same issue.
Ruby had her deworming pills in january and Cassie just finished her's last month (before she came to our home).
Anybody have any suggestions? Should I take her to the vet, or am I just being a worryer?
She seems perfectly happy and energetic...
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For the poo thing I would go back to the vet and tell them what you saw....have them do another fecal exam. Has she been chewing anything?....I had a dog chew up a towel once and he had strings in his poop for a few days..(this could be very dangerous)...I would still go to the vet and get it checked out.

As far as the coat.......she could just be shedding her winter coat....or its possible its related to her food...you may want to try a new kibble ....I also add fish oil to my dog food to help with coat health :)
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