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Dog Shall Not Pass

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My one cat rules things here. She means to keep up our standards. Dog will not challenge her.

He WILL take on a 200 pound man during IGP training. Great grips. Confidence. Power. Courage.

Then he runs into this 8 pound cat.

She traps him up stairs. She will chase him and corner him on a bed. She will just sit there and stare. He will not pass!!

He will pester her.. put his nose where it does not belong (anywhere within 2 inches of her). She will turn.. and it is game ON.

The other day I took an important call from my vet.. She chased him upstairs then trapped him on a bed and he was whimpering about it. Worse than two kids!

BOTH ended up in a "time out." Yes. A cat in a time out.

We need SPRING and we need more outside (not the cat, she is indoors). Spring shows up for a day then say, "Oh no. Just kidding.. Still Winter."

I have always said a bored dog will "find something to do" and you may not like it.

Bored cat AND bored dog.. just trouble. I think they both buy into the game. I am not complaining as long as they don't destroy the house. They are certainly amusing and they do keep things interesting!

(They are never left alone loose in the house unsupervised.. for their safety).
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She will not hesitate to use her claws and hiss and chase him. then he runs and it is Game On.

At one time in a past life over 40 years ago I did show cats for awhile. they say Dog Show (breed show) people can be a little crazed. they have NOTHING on Cat Show folks!! Haha.

This grey cat was found by my last working dog in a town park. She had had kittens and someone threw her away.. she had full udders. My dog found her and she followed us. Thinking she might belong to some family around the park I left her there but came back with food and water.. fed her under a bench.

Next day I went BACK with my dog to check her and she came running across the big lawn area (bigger than a football field) complaining all the way. My dog greeted her like they knew each other forever and she hopped in the car with the dog and that is how she came to be my cat. She is what old timers called "Maltese" (solid grey).

Of course I isolated her from my other cats for about 10 days and then had her spayed and vaccinated.. and.. well that is her story from age 1 year old to now.. this means she is about 8 now (almost the same age as that dog).
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